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Hotel Safety



Because we are concerned with your well-being during your stay,
we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following tips.


• Do not leave valuables in your room. Place all valuables in the hotel’s safe deposit box, located at the front desk free of charge, or utilize the safe in your guestroom (where available).
• Close the door securely whenever you are in your room and use all locking devices provided.
• Be sure that windows as well as connecting and sliding doors are locked properly.
• Before opening your door to anyone, use the peephole and be sure that you know the person. If the person claims to be a hotel employee, verify by calling the Front Desk.
• Do not provide a credit card or identity information via the telephone. Hotel staff will never ask for credit card or identity information over the phone.
• Do not leave room keys on tables or any other place where they can be easily lost or stolen.
• Be observant when entering parking lots and don’t leave valuables in your vehicle.
• If you see or hear any suspicious activity, please report your observations to management.


• If you are in an unfamiliar city, ask our Concierge to help familiarize you with the areas you plan to visit.

• Watch your young children at all times.

• Warning signs on the premises are intended for your safety. We ask that you read and obey them.


• If you are outside, immediately seek safe shelter

• If you are inside, stay away from windows and glass doors.

• Take your room key if you are directed by hotel staff to go to the hotel ballroom.

• Use stairwells, not elevators.


During An Earthquake

• Most injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.
• If you are inside, cover your head and crouch under a table or in a corner away from windows and exterior walls.
• If you are outside, seek an open area away from power lines, trees and buildings.

After An Earthquake

• Do not rush outside.
• Never use an elevator until they have been inspected for safety. Use stairwells only after advised that they are safe.
• Do not use matches or lighters in case there is a leaking of natural gas.
• Telephones should be used only for emergency calls. Hotel staff will provide you with information using the public address system.
• It is typical for aftershocks to occur for several days following the initial quake. Aftershocks usually become less severe with time.



Warning signs on the premises are intended for your safety. We ask you to read and obey them. Ensure to watch your young children at all times. If you are in an unfamiliar city, familiarize yourself with the areas you
plan to visit.


All floors and rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. All floors are also equipped with firefighting equipment. It is important however, that you familiarize yourself with these instructions in order to ensure that you are prepared should an emergency arise.


On entering your room, establish the route towards the fire exits which you would take in case of fire. Memorize the number of doors between your room and the fire exit. Locate and confirm the position of the fire alarm and extinguisher on your floor. Please be informed that each guestroom is equipped with a torch in the guest cupboard.


• Activate the nearest fire alarm. If possible, close all doors around the fire area in order to keep the fire from spreading. Call the Emergency Number "5555"
• Exit the building as soon as possible.
• Always take your room key; you will need it to get back into your room if smoke or fire blocks your way. Stay calm, do not hurry, keep relaxed, and THINK. The danger may be less than you imagine it to be.


• Listen for instructions over the public address system. If an evacuation is ordered and you are in your room, take your key with you. You will need it to gain access later.
• With your hand, test the door to the hallway to see if it is warm or cool. Open the door slowly if it is cool. Close the door quickly if there is fire or thick smoke in the hall. If the hallway is clear from heavy smoke or fire, then go to the nearest exit. If the hallway is smokey or dark, stay
close to the walls as you make for the exit. Keep low to the floor.
• Check the exit door for heat prior to opening it. If the stairwell is safe, then exit down to street level or follow our staff who will guide you to
the hotel’s assembly point. Do not use elevators.
• Do not panic. The fire department has been notified and they are on their way.


Go back to your room. Should your stairwell start to fill with thick smoke, and your exit turns out to be unsafe, return to your room. It is the safest place to be.


• Stay there. If you cannot exit, it is the safest place to be. Shut off the air conditioner. This will prevent smoke from being filtered into your room. Ensure to stay low to the floor.
• Push wet towels under the door, and in air vents, to stop smoke from creeping in through the cracks.
• Remove all drapes from the window. In case fire should enter through a window, no fabric should be nearby.
• Fill your bathtub. Keep plenty of water in the tub and have ice buckets and waste baskets nearby for carrying water.
• Call the emergency number "5555" and tell them your location.


For your safety and the safety of others, we request that you do not smoke in bed, do not empty ashtrays into waste baskets, ensure that electrical appliances are turned off after use, and exercise caution when using matches or candles.


1. The hotel will take responsibility for guests’ property in the case of loss
and/or damage caused by the following:


1.1 The loss and/or damage occurs on hotel premises.
1.2 If the lost and/or damaged property is money, gold, banknotes, bill of exchange, jewelry, the hotel will be responsible for compensation not exceeding THB 5,000 except in cases where the guest has deposited the item with the hotel and informed hotel staff of the item’s value.


2. The hotel has the right to deny responsibility if the loss and/or damage
occurs due to the following reasons:


2.1 A preventable incident.
2.2 The condition of the item itself.
2.3 As a result of the actions of the guest, and/or anyone accompanying him/her or welcomed by him/her.

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